Hunted by Meagan Spooner

Hunted is by far one of my favourite reads of 2017 so far. A beautiful spin-off of Beauty and the Beast with hints of the Classic Russian Tale. Meagan’s writing Is beautiful and simple; you don’t have to try hard to interpret what she was writing and the meaning behind it. I also loved the relationship journey between Beauty and the Beast; First Enemy, then allies to friends and then Eventually the blossoming romance that all Beauty and the Beast fans have come to love and adore. 

I love reading anything about Badass heroines, so Beauty’s strong and relentless character really intrigued me from the beginning. I couldn’t put it down and enjoyed every second of the Huntresses story. 

A must read. My rating 5/5 

The Game Begins & The Knight By Victoria Danann

Hey Guys, 

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours I was able to review these two epic reads. They were both similar and very different to anything I have read before. Although only a few chapters in each book I was able to enjoy every second of both books. 

Victoria’s sense of humour in the book really shocked me, I couldn’t not stop laughing from the names given to the mortals, lokis misbehaviour to how Jean acted at the dinner table. 

It was interesting to see a new adaptation of Norse mythology and the children that would assentually have been born to the world of gods. High school is hard enough, but just imagine having to play a game to please your parents. All when you don’t even know what’s happening, their memories wiped. They children have to rely on instinct and a few wild cards that their parents through in for a bit of fun. To win the game the kids need to build alliances, all of which reminded me of the hunger games; and in a lot of aspects I found that I could see the similarities between the two series. 

I honestly couldn’t put the books down.  My recommendation would be for anyone interested in any different mythology, dystopian and ya books in general. Victoria’s sequel to the game begins is the Knight, released on the 26th Of April this year;
Jean Marre’s recent life has been one big surprise right after another. First his family moved to SoCal from a remote French Canadian town. Then he began feeling a strange compulsion to watch over a smart little blonde named Ever Moore. In fact he found himself restless, distracted, and uncomfortable if she wasn’t around.
 Before there was time to adjust to any of that, he was informed that his parents were going to South Africa for a few months and leaving him with his mother’s friend, who happened to be Ever’s mother.

Life just couldn’t get stranger.

 Or could it?

Please please go and check out these awesome books, available on amazon. 

My total 3.5/5

Daughter Of The Pirate King


The Daughter of the pirate king, is a book that has only just been released. Even though that’s the case, I have heated nothing but good things about this book. I can happily say I was not disappointed. 

I absolutely loved this story, so much so that I couldn’t put it down (even at work). On the cover it says that readers should rejoice due to the fact that they main character Princess Alosa is so much like Captain Jack sparrow. I couldn’t agree more, it was fascinating to be inside the mind of a pirate so cunning and smart that it felt as if I was Alosa experiencing these adventures for myself. 
Even though I am an avid reader I find it hard to put myself in the characters shoes, however that wasn’t the case for this book. It was completely unique and well written, with plot twists coming out of the wozzoo! I look forward to reading more of this series and from Tricia Levenseller 🖤♠️
My rating 5/5 

Havoc Rising & Chaos Unbound by Brian S. Leon 

I absolutely love all stories about Fae and the different courts and story lines that authors create to go along with these legends. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on these bad boys. 

I would highly recommend both books to anyone who loved action and adventure.  These books are full of Non-stop action, bloody battles and secrets that will literally leave you shivering.  

Although Chaos unbound was only just released (February 2017), and written as the second instalment of this series, I felt that I could be a stand alone. It’s not imperative that you read Havoc rising before hand, enough back story is included in Chaos Unbound. 
However due to the adult language written within Chaos Unbound, I wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers. I also felt like the book was too long winded, it didn’t need to be as long( however like I said earlier if you like non-stop action it will probably entice you more. 
Over all a 3/5 rating. 

Winter Song


Tragic, broken, confusing and heartbreaking. For anyone who’s read this book, will know exactly what I mean when I say my heart broke reading this twisted and wretched book.

In no way am I saying this book is awful, on the contrary it was amazing and very unique. I can guarantee that you haven’t and will never read a book like his. I also loved the Latin and German twists through out the book ( I had fun, trying to google translate them)

S.Jae Jones is a very talented writer, every single character confused me beyond compare. This twisted, dark and chilling story will leave you confused, torn and uterally satisfied.

However I am a sucker for Happy ending, if you like me yearn for that happy ending and that one kiss that stops time, then don’t read this book!

But for all you Nicolas sparks and Shakespeare fans that love tragedy and broken hearts then this book is definitely for you. This book had so many complicated twists and turns that I didn’t know where it would lead.

Just like A Court Of Thorns And Roses, when Feyre had the chance to say I love you to save the world; she didn’t.  I feel that that one sentence could have completely changed this book from a tragedy to my dream book.

Alas not every read can be my perfect read. I would vote it 3/5


The Secrets of Eden

Brandon Goode Is both an excellent writer and a lovely person. When He messaged me about reviewing his book, I was very nervous. It is the first book that I’ve reviewed that wasn’t recommended. Brandon contacted me first and asked me to write a review for him, so I accepted. I had no idea what to expect, I hadn’t even heard of the book; but I’m glad I did say yes.
The secrets of Eden is Due to be released on the 18th of this month. It’s A very good book for a quick read. It’s fast pace nature leaves you wanting to know more and more. When I did have time to read, I didn’t want to put it down. I loved the relationship between Eden and Prince Jared, even though they Developed over a very short period of time. I also enjoyed the modern day twists added to the story. Brandon told me he wanted to create a book wi similar traits to the Romeo and Juliet 1990’s film adaptation (you know the one with Leo dicaprio), I would say that those added changes defiantly helped the reader to understand and relate to the book more. As nice as it is to use your imagination, some books you just want to read. However Brandon was able to do both, I understood what was going on and where; as well as being able to imagine the setting.

Over all a good read! Go and check it out. Due to be released March 18th 2017!

Embers In the Sea


Embers In the sea is the third instalment of Fire in the woods series. 

I have read all three of the Fire in the woods books and find them all amazing! I love this series so much! 

If you’ve read Fire in the woods and ashes in the sky you know what I’m talking about! However if you haven’t I’ll explain a little about them. 

The books set on a military base, Jessica is a young photographer who will stop at nothing to get the best photograph. She meets a hot stranger in the forest called David; she immediately feels drawn to him, despite her conflicting thoughts. 

Their story is continued over different time periods as the books continue. There is so much action In them that you can’t help but feel tired yourself. 

In the latest book Embers in the sea, Jennifer really kicked it up a notch. She created a whole new world, and two new species that left your mind tingling with possibilities. She used one of the world biggest mysteries the Mariana Trench to capture the readers attension. 

Not to mention the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers. I serieously think that David and Jess need a holiday. If your into romance/ action/ mystery and a whole new world *starts singing the little mermaid songs to herself* then this book could possibly be for you, Jennifer turned up the heat in this book; so much so that It could leave you panting! 

Give it a try. My over all rating 5/5 

Alienated, Invaded , United

Alienated, Invaded and United are a trilogy written by Melissa Landers. 

They are about a young girl Called Cara Sweeny who’s life is turned up side down by a young alien boy named Aelyx. The first book Alienated evolves around Aelyx’s transition to earth on an exchange program, and how he and Cara adapt to one another over a period of time. 

Along the way they discover things about themselves and the real reason behind the exchange. 

The plot thickens in the second and third book. Both never stop fighting for themselves and their planets. With constant threats looming over their heads, they never know if they’re going to make it to tomorrow. 
I absolutely loved all three books and couldn’t put them down. However the third book to more effort to read. I was bored for the first part of the book but as I continued to read, I began to love it more. I also loved the well rounded ending and thought that Melissa wrote the trilogy excellently. She managed to make it very realistic even though Aliens tend to push past the realism boundaries. I also loved how she managed to make Cara and Aelyx’s relationship realistic; even though they are from different worlds. 
Overall I would rate this series a 5/5.