I recently read Liberated, the last and final book (I think) in the Sinners series. I loved Branded and Hunted so much. The characters, their development and the general plot was amazing, I hadn’t read anything like it. However I felt that Liberated just wasn’t the same, the writing was completly different. It was cheesier, and more repetitive than the other two books. Zeus (the amazing Great Dane) was still as funny and amazing; it was nice to see that he was kept as a constant (even if the epilogue didn’t agree with that statement). I also like that little epilogue twist and the different time jumps, being able to see the characters in the future was fantastic and helped close a great series. The twist with Lexi’s father and Lexi herself were great and totally helped answer a lot of questions I know readers had. It was a little spot of genius. I think I put the change in writing style and the corny emotional writing, down to the fact that both Abi and Missy have been so much in the last two years. 

I just want to say well done ladies for not only writing a great series but for stay strong in the face of heat break and challenges. I look forward to reading more of your work. 
My rating for Liberated 4/5 – My overall rating for the series 12.5/15 


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