Hey guys, today I got the privilege to interview Christy Sloat. 

During the interview we spoke about all different topics, I really enjoyed getting Christy’s POV on general life and the way society molds us from a young age and the struggles that she as well as her two young daughters are facing. Christy has had to over come many challenges in life, including the recent attacks that America is facing against police. 

I asked Christy where her inspiration came from for one of her recent books The Librarian. Her reply ” Well I’ve had the idea for the book for a couple years. I was at an old library looking around when they thought hit me…how amazing would it be if you could travel through a book, time travel through a different period in time!” 
Christy also told me that she had a spin off in the works for another young librarian. “It’s going to be set in Scotland around the time of William wallis. The main character is an eligitmet son of a man that I won’t disclose at this time” 

So although she didn’t say which famous man would be included in this book, we can be sure that it will be a story to remember. 

“I just don’t people to think that I’m trying to copy outlander” Christy said “I want my work to be unique and original, I’ve had that problem with other books. So many spin off and rewrites occur that I don’t want to be writing my versions at the same time.” 

It’s a shame that so many authors are abused and treated horribly because new books aren’t released all the time, a lot of people don’t seem to understand that most authors are parents, they have full time jobs or just living their lives. Christy is just one example of this, she is a full time mum, wife and a working woman. Not to mention all the writers block writers face can really push the Process of completing the book. 
It was an amazing privilege to talk to her, and I hope she goes far with her writing and in life. 

Please check out her instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as her other books. All of them can be found on Goodgreads and amazon. 


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