I cannot tell you how much I loved this book! It was completely heart stopping, an emotional rollercoaster. I loved how realistic it was in terms of fears, worries and suspicion. Although the main character Rachel did get on my nerves more often then not with all her self doubt and loathing, she did come across as pathetic and weak; but then I took into account how I would feel if I ever had faced the type of abuse and hate that she had, from the people closest to her. The ones that should love you unconditionally, so I realised that I too would act the way she did, with the same fears and self worthlessness she felt. I’m happy that they got their happy ending and could help each other through all their trouble. However I do feel as if it could have been a little longer, purely because I loved their story and wanted to see how the future unfolded for them (did they have the 4-6 children they dreamed of?) . I also wanted to know what happened with the lawsuit and the put come of that on their lives. I look forward to reading more from Bonnie R. Paulson and hopefully more of Rachel and Logan’s story! 
My rating 4.5/5


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