Hey Guys, 

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours I was able to review these two epic reads. They were both similar and very different to anything I have read before. Although only a few chapters in each book I was able to enjoy every second of both books. 

Victoria’s sense of humour in the book really shocked me, I couldn’t not stop laughing from the names given to the mortals, lokis misbehaviour to how Jean acted at the dinner table. 

It was interesting to see a new adaptation of Norse mythology and the children that would assentually have been born to the world of gods. High school is hard enough, but just imagine having to play a game to please your parents. All when you don’t even know what’s happening, their memories wiped. They children have to rely on instinct and a few wild cards that their parents through in for a bit of fun. To win the game the kids need to build alliances, all of which reminded me of the hunger games; and in a lot of aspects I found that I could see the similarities between the two series. 

I honestly couldn’t put the books down.  My recommendation would be for anyone interested in any different mythology, dystopian and ya books in general. Victoria’s sequel to the game begins is the Knight, released on the 26th Of April this year;
Jean Marre’s recent life has been one big surprise right after another. First his family moved to SoCal from a remote French Canadian town. Then he began feeling a strange compulsion to watch over a smart little blonde named Ever Moore. In fact he found himself restless, distracted, and uncomfortable if she wasn’t around.
 Before there was time to adjust to any of that, he was informed that his parents were going to South Africa for a few months and leaving him with his mother’s friend, who happened to be Ever’s mother.

Life just couldn’t get stranger.

 Or could it?

Please please go and check out these awesome books, available on amazon. 

My total 3.5/5


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