I absolutely love all stories about Fae and the different courts and story lines that authors create to go along with these legends. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on these bad boys. 

I would highly recommend both books to anyone who loved action and adventure.  These books are full of Non-stop action, bloody battles and secrets that will literally leave you shivering.  

Although Chaos unbound was only just released (February 2017), and written as the second instalment of this series, I felt that I could be a stand alone. It’s not imperative that you read Havoc rising before hand, enough back story is included in Chaos Unbound. 
However due to the adult language written within Chaos Unbound, I wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers. I also felt like the book was too long winded, it didn’t need to be as long( however like I said earlier if you like non-stop action it will probably entice you more. 
Over all a 3/5 rating. 


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