Embers In the sea is the third instalment of Fire in the woods series. 

I have read all three of the Fire in the woods books and find them all amazing! I love this series so much! 

If you’ve read Fire in the woods and ashes in the sky you know what I’m talking about! However if you haven’t I’ll explain a little about them. 

The books set on a military base, Jessica is a young photographer who will stop at nothing to get the best photograph. She meets a hot stranger in the forest called David; she immediately feels drawn to him, despite her conflicting thoughts. 

Their story is continued over different time periods as the books continue. There is so much action In them that you can’t help but feel tired yourself. 

In the latest book Embers in the sea, Jennifer really kicked it up a notch. She created a whole new world, and two new species that left your mind tingling with possibilities. She used one of the world biggest mysteries the Mariana Trench to capture the readers attension. 

Not to mention the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers. I serieously think that David and Jess need a holiday. If your into romance/ action/ mystery and a whole new world *starts singing the little mermaid songs to herself* then this book could possibly be for you, Jennifer turned up the heat in this book; so much so that It could leave you panting! 

Give it a try. My over all rating 5/5 


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