Alienated, Invaded and United are a trilogy written by Melissa Landers. 

They are about a young girl Called Cara Sweeny who’s life is turned up side down by a young alien boy named Aelyx. The first book Alienated evolves around Aelyx’s transition to earth on an exchange program, and how he and Cara adapt to one another over a period of time. 

Along the way they discover things about themselves and the real reason behind the exchange. 

The plot thickens in the second and third book. Both never stop fighting for themselves and their planets. With constant threats looming over their heads, they never know if they’re going to make it to tomorrow. 
I absolutely loved all three books and couldn’t put them down. However the third book to more effort to read. I was bored for the first part of the book but as I continued to read, I began to love it more. I also loved the well rounded ending and thought that Melissa wrote the trilogy excellently. She managed to make it very realistic even though Aliens tend to push past the realism boundaries. I also loved how she managed to make Cara and Aelyx’s relationship realistic; even though they are from different worlds. 
Overall I would rate this series a 5/5. 


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